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Glendale Domestic Violence Attorney

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Domestic violence refers to the physical abuse of one family member by another. It may occur between spouses, divorced spouses, domestic partners, parent, siblings, or people living together. It can occur to families of any race, religion, or economic status and may be an isolated incident or a pattern of behavior. Domestic violence is a type of behavior intended to control the other party. Often victims of domestic violence refuse to report it to authorities for fear of reprisals or retaliation from their abuser.

A domestic violence incident no longer remains in the realm of a family matter when it is reported to the police. It then becomes a criminal matter, requiring the attention and legal assistance of a criminal defense lawyer. If you are facing a domestic violence charge in Glendale, it is important to speak with a domestic violence defense attorney at our firm as soon as possible. He will review your case to determine what specific legal actions need to be taken to address your situation.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is typically charged as a misdemeanor. However, if sexual abuse or sexual assault of a minor is involved or serious bodily harm done to another, it may be classified as a felony. Conviction of domestic violence may result in imprisonment, heavy fines, restitution, probation, community service, or court-ordered counseling. The person charged with domestic violence may also be prohibited from entering his or her own residence by a restraining order or order of protection.

If a defendant has prior convictions on record, he or she may be subjected to more severe charges and punishments.

Get the Legal Help you need from a Glendale Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your domestic violence charge, getting the experienced legal help you need in this situation is crucial. You will find superior criminal law experience, knowledge, and resources with a domestic violence lawyer at our firm.

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